Geopark – education

Prim. and sec. schools

Geological educational program

We have prepared an attractive program for students of primary and secondary school – experiential programs that guide you through the geology of the Iron Mountains. The following programs are offered for groups of all ages.

How a granite cube stone is made?
wandering to water
Earth’s history in two days
In the footsteps of lime in the Iron Mountains

For more info, please see the attached flyer (in Czech).


School trips in the Chrudim-Hlinsko area

Chrudim-Hlinsko area prepared 7 educational programs for students of primary and secondary school:

Earth’s history in two days
Celtic world
Under the Old Kladruby Blackhorse princely way
Journey of the human bravery – In the Footsteps of lager tragedy
Wandering in the countryside to see animals
Fairytale journey with Kacafírek
Through the landscape of tranditions on a bicycle

For more info, please see the attached flyer (in Czech).

School trips
in the Chrudim-Hlinsko


A necessary and desirable part of the geopark activities is also a training of university students. For students, we offer a range of circuits for processing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses. Topics are not focused only on the professional geological issues, but also on areas of geoparks marketing and management and other topics including history, botany and zoology.

We also offer realization of professional courses and excursions, mapping courses and specialized workshops for universities.

For more information please contact Mgr. Jan Doucek (, +420 607 756 371).


Geoprůvodce – Speciální průvodce po geoparku Železné hory (2. rozšířené vydání)

Multicultural differencies

Multikulturní rozdíly návštěvníků
Multikulturní rozdíly návštěvníků – Skripta pro lektory kurzu
Multikulturní rozdíly návštěvníků – Výuková skripta pro účastníky kurzu


Metodiky národních geoparků

Metodika pro informační systém geoparku
Metodika pro návštěvnická centra geoparků
Metodika pro tvorbu geologických expozic a naučných geostezek
Metodika pro tvorbu tištěných průvodců územím geoparku
Metodika pro vznik geoparku a jeho certifikaci v České republice
Metodika znalosti geoprůvodců a způsob jejich rozvíjení
Metodika způsob a obsah školení geoprůvodců

Individual programs

Geological-artistic education program

Come with us and explore creative and destructive forces of the Earth. You will get acquainted with the young Tertiary volcanoes of the Iron Mountains. Within a half-day program, you visit, for example, the ruins of a Renaissance castle Košumberk, a baroque jewel – the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary on Chlumek and other interesting places. Throughout the day, you will find an artistic inspiration in the creative and destructive forces of the Earth under the guidance of Mgr. Mašínová, a georanger and artist in one person.

The all-day program is suitable for all interest groups of all ages. More info in the attached flyer.

education program